Last revised 10 January 2023

Who We Are

Pintar Studio does not collect your personal information. Pintar Studio does not trade your personal information to anyone, neither advertisers nor spammers. We manage information from our developed and published applications as explained in 'How We Manage Your Information' part.

Required-Information from You

Currently, all application developed & published by Pintar Studio in App Store and Play Store does not collect any information from you. We do not collect user data from any applications developed & published by Pintar Studio.

Children Under 13 Data

Pintar Studio provides educational apps which may be accessible for some audience includes children under 13. All published apps for children under 13 from Pintar Studio in Play Store and App Store are educational based only. We do not collect data from it.

How We Manage Your Information

We manage only metric data from installing our applications from App Store or Play Store. We do not ask and collect your personal information. All applications developed by Pintar Studio and published in Play Store are: 1) Analogipedia, 2) E-Infiniti, 3) E-Modul Biologi UAD, 4) E-Modul Ekologi, 5) E-Modul Ekologi Hutan Adat, 6) E-Modul Ekosistem Air Tawar, 7) E-Modul Ekosistem Pantai, 8) E-Modul Ekosistem Sungai, 9) E-Modul Numerasi, 10) E-Modul Perubahan Lingkungan, 11) E-Modul Sistem Pencernaan Manusia, and 12) E-Modul Tumbuhan. We do not collect personal information from these applications at all.

Your Rights and Options

You have rights to uninstall applications developed by Pintar Studio from your phone. Your metric data while using the application will remain on the system as data history which cannot be identified as individual data in App Store or Play Store console. Pintar Studio keeps this data as part of the record system.

Privacy Policy Renewal

This privacy policy will be monitored and renewed whenever there is a change related to the management of user’s personal information policy in Pintar Studio. We will send you message through both email and our website for every renewal of Privacy Policy.

How to Contact Us?

Should you have any inquries or comments on this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to tell us at pintarstudio[at] or visit for more information.