Last revised 8 July 2015

Who We Are collects your personal information solely for the mentioned-purpose in 'How We Manage Your Information'. does not trade your personal information to anyone, neither advertisers nor spammers. We manage your information as explained in 'How We Manage Your Information' part.

Required-Information from You provides content which may require users to provide personal information to make it accessible. may also collect your personal information from Facebook. The required-information are as follow: (1) Name, (2) Email, and (3) Birthday.

The general use of Facebook and your relation with Facebook are subject to Facebook’s policy and privacy. We recommend you to take a look at such policy first. We are not responsible towards your information processed by Facebook.

How We Manage Your Information

We manage your information both technically and administratively. We keep your every personal information so that it is secured and not utilized for other irresponsible matters. However, we do not provide guarantee towards unforeseen circumstances and other technical factors which may cause your information lost. We keep doing our best to prevent such unwanted matters. Your information will be utilized for content adjustment and user experience management of

Your Rights and Options

You have rights to stop from utilizing your information by 1) uninstalling Pintar Studio application on your Facebook, 2) uninstalling Pintar Studio application on your Twitter. Your data while using will remain on the system as data history which cannot be identified as individual data. keeps this data as part of the record system.

Privacy Policy Renewal

This privacy policy will be monitored and renewed whenever there is a change related to the management of user’s personal information policy in We will send you message through both email and our website for every renewal of Privacy Policy.

How to Contact Us?

Should you have any inquries or comments on this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to tell us at pintarstudio[at] or visit for more information.